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Short-Term Contract:
Short-term contract employees allow our clients to benefit from the flexibility of a contingent work force to supplement short-term staffing needs for:

  • Production peaks, special projects, seasonal requirements and employee absences
  • Outsourcing non-core business functions allowing companies to focus on their primary businesses, while still maintaining control over their non-core business expenses
  • Payrolling solutions which relieve companies from putting contract staff on their payroll by putting them onto GoodPeople's payroll

Long-Term Contract:
GoodPeople has the capability to provide support for your company’s long-term or indefinite work assignments. By relieving businesses from the cost and time invested in hiring and retraining along with the responsibility of workers' compensation and unemployment claims, taxes and the management of daily HR issues, our clients enjoy reduced overhead, increased productivity, minimized exposure and a healthier bottom line.

This hiring option offers employees and employers a trial period to consider establishing a permanent employment relationship. Contract-to-hire gives our clients the opportunity to evaluate our associates’ skills and work habits while protecting their company from liabilities associated with permanently hiring new employees. At the conclusion of the evaluation period, the company has the option to hire the associate permanently and transfer them onto the company’s payroll.

Direct Hire:
Utilizing the GoodPeople Skills© consultative approach, we perform a comprehensive needs analysis to find the best match for our clients’ permanent placement needs. By performing this in-depth consultation, we gain a thorough understanding of the position requirements as well as each client’s unique corporate culture. This ensures a higher success rate in finding the right candidate and reducing company turnover.

Direct hire offers a valuable time-saving approach to hiring by alleviating the burden of recruiting, reviewing resumes, candidate screening, candidate testing, etc. In addition, our fees are on a contingency basis due and payable when you engage the services of a candidate that has been referred to you by GoodPeople. We also guarantee our placements for 90 days from the candidate’s start date. In the event that a GoodPeople candidate resigns or is terminated “for cause” during the above period, we will provide additional candidates to replace the initial candidate at no additional cost to you (cause is defined as a performance issue versus restructuring, downsizing, due to acquisition, etc).

Our expertise in providing Information Technology Staffing Solutions encompasses the following areas:

  • Desktop Support
  • Web Developers
  • Software Programmers
  • Network Administrators
  • .Net, Java 2EE, C#
  • Oracle, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards

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