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Interview Do’s and Do Not’s


  • Do be specific and concise when discussing your goals and reasons for pursuing this opportunity.
  • Do describe yourself as your superiors have described you. Stress accomplishments and your desire to get the job done.
  • Do come prepared with samples of work, if applicable.
  • Do prepare yourself for behavioral questions concerning situations you have encountered in the past, and how you would handle them in the future.
  • Do keep the focus of the interview on your professional career and the growth you hope to achieve at this company.
  • Do think of every possible question you could be asked by the interviewer, and have an answer so that you are not stumped.
  • Do visualize the interview in your head the night before. Picture interviewer asking you all of the questions that you already have answers for. See the interview as a complete success before it ever happens. Talk yourself into being confident and prepared.
  • Do write a "thank you" letter stating your appreciation for their time, the opportunity and your interest in the position as soon as you leave the interview.
  • Do follow up confirming your interest and determination to get this position.
  • Do dress professionally no mater what or where the interview is being held—unless told otherwise by the interviewer up front.
  • Do be genuine.

Do Not’s:

  • Do Not become too casual with the interviewer. It is very easy to get too comfortable if the person interviewing you is near your age or you have common acquaintances.
  • Do Not let anxiety take control over your world or actions. You will be scrutinized, judged and tested in an interview. Understand this going into an interview so you are prepared. Stay cool and confident.
  • Do Not talk about your accomplishments with arrogance. There is a fine line between exuding enthusiasm and being overly-confident. Be careful not to cross it.
  • Do Not go into too much detail about your personal life. Keep the discussion on a professional/business level.
  • Do Not ask the interviewer questions about salary, benefits, promotions and vacations until you are certain that this is something you want to move forward with full force. Typically, those issues are not discussed on the first interview unless the interviewer brings them up.


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